Newly Disabled

Newly Disabled

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Each year, 10,000 people join the ranks of those receiving disability benefits in Israel. Around 79% of Israelis with disabilities acquired their disabilities after the age of 18—many of whom are injured during mandatory military service. But for the thousands of Israeli adults who become disabled later in life outside of military service, there’s little framework for them to learn how to adjust to their new lives. Becoming disabled as an adult can be jarring and lonely, with a whole new set of realities to accept. Israel Unlimited introduced its Newly Disabled program to give these people a healthy way to cope with their new disability.

Participants are referred by Israel’s health service networks, and JDC pairs them with peer counselors and case managers. These professionally trained guides are also disabled, and assist the newly disabled participant through all the struggles they encounter as they work to rehabilitate themselves. Many of them have families of their own and are in need of information, guidance, introductions to services, and emotional support due to their new situation. Becoming disabled as an adult is never an easy transition, but through this program, Israel Unlimited is here to help.

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  • Clalit, also Klalit, is the largest of Israel's four state-mandated health service organizations, charged with administering health care services and funding for its members.

  • As part of its efforts to promote peer support and improvement of services in the field of psychiatric hospitalization, Lishma operates an innovative pilot project in Israel, which combines 11 peer specialists employed in a psychiatric hospital in Be'er Sheva and Mizra.
  • At the heart of Maccabi Healthcare Services is a system of independent salaried physicians who provide services to Maccabi members. The staff is comprised of primary care physicians, consultants in various medical fields and specialists in a broad range of medical specialties. Maccabi invests efforts and resources to provide ongoing professional education and to update its physicians on innovations in the realm of medicine, thus enabling Maccabi members to benefit from the most well-informed and advanced form of medical treatment.