Parents with Disabilities

Parents with Disabilities

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Being a new parent is an overwhelming experience for most mothers. But being a new parent while managing a disability can feel like an impossible task—without the proper help. Parents with Disabilities aims to ease that stress, and help mothers with disabilities be the best new moms they can be. The program matches new mothers with physical, sensory, mental and cognitive disabilities, plus others with chronic diseases, to more experienced mothers with similar disabilities. Through a uniquely-forged mentoring relationship, the new mothers receive crucial information, support and companionship while gaining the confidence they need to independently raise their children.

Parents with Disabilities staff take great care to match the volunteer mentors with the right mothers to create a beneficial relationship for both. Each mentor participates in a bi-weekly training prior to being paired with a mother, preparing them for the challenges of a close, educational relationship and equipping them with the necessary skills they’ll need to truly be a helpful resource. As the new mothers learn how to cope with their disability while raising a child, the mentors gain the experience to be agents of change within Israel’s community of disabled women. And the children, of course, get the loving and able mothers they deserve.

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חומרים מקצועיים

  • The Adler Institute was founded in 1963 by a group of therapists led by Professor Driikors, disciple and successor of Dr. Alfred Adler. It was among the first institutes in the field of group facilitation, parent training, and family therapy. A focus is given to learning how developing emotional intelligence and self-confidence can affect the relationships and workplace performance of people with disabilities.

  • Nitzan strives to identify, assess and assist individuals with learning disabilities, adaptive problems and functional difficulties. The organization’s main objective is to enable Israelis with learning disabilities to achieve their full potential inside and outside of the school system.

  • Haifa’s Ohel Avraham, founded in 1978 through the Leo Baek Education Center, is a vibrant Reform synagogue that provides a welcoming home for individuals and families seeking an egalitarian and progressive Jewish spiritual environment. Ohel Avraham reaches out to populations with special needs and families in economic or social distress.