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We spend our whole lives learning from friends. But too often, our friends come from similar backgrounds with similar experiences. Israel Unlimited adopted the Friending model to bring new friends into the lives of people all over Israel—friends they may not have made otherwise. Indeed, the four segments of the Friending program unite people with and without disabilities in social and educational situations to learn and grow from each other to change social viewpoints on disability and create brand new disability advocates.

Friendship is a powerful tool. And Friending is using it to create a more open, inclusive society.

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חומרים מקצועיים

  • The mission of Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) is to provide cutting-edge services to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, and to effect social change by breaking down the barriers preventing people with disabilities from full societal integration, assuring them the rights and opportunities for maximum growth and development.

  • The National Union of Israeli Students has been the representative body of students throughout Israel since 1934. Today, NUIS represents more than 300,000 students in over 64 universities and colleges. The Student Union believes that beyond their role of acquiring knowledge, students have the ability and responsibility to build and shape the society they live in and make a considerable impact in the long term.

Religious leaders


Trainings for religious leaders, such as rabbis and imams, to learn with and about people with disabilities in an effort to make their communities more inclusive.

Business Community


In the business world, we work with businesses on developing their capacity to interact with, and eventually hire, people with disabilities, change attitudes, and create a more inclusive corporate environment for people with disabilities.

On Campus

Student groups on 17 campuses in Israel bring students with and without disabilities together to advocate for accessibility and inclusion on campus, and to create social events together.

Wide exposure


Through creative partnerships with institutions of higher education, creative people, artists and more, we make an impact with campaigns and mass education. All to break down stigmas and increase inclusion.