What We Do

What We Do

All programs are developed by Israel Unlimited and piloted with local partners. Every program and initiative is developed with several factors in mind to achieve the mission of Israel Unlimited. All programs must:

  1. Focus on abilities – First and foremost, we believe in striving to allow individuals to live their lives to the fullest, making the most of their many and varied abilities, rather than focusing on what they cannot do.

  2. Put the person at the center – Services view the individual first, with all of his or her needs and capabilities, rather than being focused solely on a particular disability type

  3. Approach multiple disabilities with sensitivity - We develop programs that combine resources and expertise from multiple sources to specialize care for people with multiple disabilities.

  4. Work towards inclusion in the community - Beyond the participants at the center of every program, Israel Unlimited works to increase inclusion in the community, change cultural stigmas and stereotypes and advocate for disability rights.

Israel Unlimited programs aim to create a cultural shift towards a more inclusive society while helping the immediate, daily needs of people with disabilities.

Additionally, Israel Unlimited works to support people with disabilities in times of crisis. During major security or natural crises, Israel Unlimited calls upon its vast resources and networks to provide emergency services, making sure no one is forgotten or excluded from the protection they deserve.