How We Work

How We Work

Design. Nurture. Accelerate. Creating impactful programs that last.

In Israel, JDC operates as a social incubator. With strategic partners, we develop programs with potential to bring real change to the lives of vulnerable Israelis. Though every program is different, the process is simple: It’s DNA.

JDC creates and launches programs by first designing new solutions to existing social problems, then nurturing the program by testing, evaluating and optimizing before accelerating the program to reach a much wider population across the country.

JDC’s goal is system-wide impact. Here’s how we make it happen:


  • Identify and analyze socioeconomic problems and trends in Israeli society.

  • Map best practices in Israel and abroad.

  • Create an innovative, realistic plan for a program to address these issues.

  • Launch pilot programs in limited locations around Israel with the support of Israeli Government and local partners.


  • Test and evaluate the program to refine its effectiveness.

  • Build the infrastructure and professional capacities in locations where the program could have a serious impact.

  • Prepare to launch the refined program in locations across Israel with local partners to operate the program.


  • Assist government agencies and other partners to reproduce the program in locations nationwide.

  • Provide oversight, professional training, and program development to the local partners.

  • Offer ongoing consultation to these local partners to address new issues and ensure the continued success of the program.

Time and time again, JDC’s DNA model has succeeded in creating programs that cause real, measurable change in Israeli society. Just wait to see what we do next.