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Who we are

Israel-Unlimited was established as a partnership between JDC Israel, the Israeli government, the Ruderman Family Foundation and other partners, as a leading developer of services and programs for people with disabilities in Israel.

Our vision

To lead a change in inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of life. We strive to identify and design solutions to aid social problems and continue to cultivate our programs by experimenting, evaluating and implementing changes based on results.  





Our Purpose

Research, design and implement new social services for people with disabilities, which can lead to an improved life, increased participation in society, and a change in reality.


Board members playing wheelchair basketball
Board members come to play!
JDC board members came to Israel and experienced inclusive sports.
Ceremony for signing contract with Ministry of sports
Signing the contract with the Ministry of Sport
On February 20, 2018, Israel Unlimited signed the contract with the Ministry of Sports for the first nation-wide inclusive sports program.
Facts and Figures of people with disabilities in Israel
Facts and Figures about People with Disabilities in Israel
Read the latest figures on people with disabilities in Israel.
Connecting Businesses
Through training and exposure and learning days we help businesses and companies recognize people with disabilities in the workplace.


Experience in the field
Wide distribution